Ismael Ferreira, National Coordinator YWAM Angola.

Hopes for the new partnership between YWAM Angola and WYCLIFFE bible translators runs high. Ismael Ferreira, National Director, eagerly looks forward to seeing how bible translation opens new possibilities amongst the unreached people groups in... watch

Community Transformation Masi, South Africa.

Jeff Reid is the leader of a YWAM team led by God to move from Kona to live amongst the people in the South African township Masiphumelele. He is passionate about authentic community living, leading by example and partnering with God, with the aim to see transformation and revival amongst the... watch

Justino A. G. Jone, Karongo people Mozambique.

Serving communities opens doors and hearts to receive the word of God. Called to live and work amongst the Karongo people in Mozambique, Justino Jone has seen first-hand how reaching out to others and demonstrating God's love for them brings more and more people with the desire to know... watch

Shephen Mbewe, National Coordinator of YWAM Mozambique

YWAM Mozambique is working hard to bring literacy, education, health care and bible teaching to the poor, inaccessible and forgotten communities hidden in remote Zambezi villages. National Director, Stephen Mbewe, tells us more about their success with producing books in their mother tongue, developing sustainable agriculture, spreading the gospel and their hopes for the... watch

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